Making an efficient claims process even better via email and fax

Equitable Life is committed to providing excellent customer service in the most efficient manner possible. That is why we constantly review all customer-facing processes, procedures and technology, striving to continually improve the service we provide plan members and administrators. This commitment has led us to take a look at the way health and dental claims have been submitted and to develop a new process.

By using imaging technology, our staff can access all claims related documents in an online environment that provides the ability to route claims and associated documents in a more efficient manner. The introduction of this technology also means that plan members can now fax or email signed claim forms, including receipts and other related documents to Equitable Life. Simply, the benefits of imaging are the ability to further:

  • Go paperless and strengthen our commitment to environmentally and customer friendly service solutions;
  • Eliminate potential delays associated with traditional, paper filing;
  • Receive and store scanned or faxed documents and emails versus requiring plan members to exclusively send in paper claims*; and
  • Have multiple individuals within our claims departments view and process claims allowing for a better call-in experience and continued quick turn around times.

*For claim forms or claim inquiries sent via email or fax, plan members should include their policy and certificate number in the subject line of the email or fax cover.

Plan members can now go to their Innovations® plan member web services site at, fill out the appropriate health or dental form, print and sign the form then scan and email or fax it to Equitable Life. By accepting health and dental claim forms in these formats, we are able to receive and process claims sooner. Please note that you should keep the original claim forms, receipts and other related documents on file for tax and other reference purposes.

In order to further streamline the claims process, we also introducing dedicated post office (PO) box mailing addresses for health and dental claims. The new health and dental PO Box addresses have been added to the appropriate claim forms. These and all other Equitable Life claim forms are readily available on the plan member and administrator Innovations web services sites at and are also available through the group forms section of this site. The Equitable Life general mailing address remains unchanged, but plan members are encouraged to submit their health and dental claim forms and associated documents as follows:

Health claims

Equitable Life of Canada
One Westmount Road North
P.O. Box 1604 Stn. Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 0A7



Dental claims

Equitable Life of Canada
One Westmount Road North
P.O. Box 1605 Stn. Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario N2J 0A8




Life and disability claims

Life, disability claims and related documents as well as other general Group Benefits related correspondence can continue to be submitted to:

Equitable Life of Canada
One Westmount Road North
P.O. Box 1603 Stn. Waterloo
Waterloo, ON N2J 4C7






If you have any questions about this change or require any information about Equitable Life group benefits claims processes and procedures, please contact the appropriate claims department via any of the contact points listed above.