Finding what you need just got easier @

Every day Equitable Life plan members like you visit us online at® to find resources that can help them with their health, daily life or benefits questions or concerns. To make things easier for our online visitors, we have made a few simple, yet significant changes to

Access to LifeWorks® Online has been moved from the home page to the Equitable HealthConnector™ welcome page. Clicking on My Services on the top navigation bar or on the LifeWorks button on the right side of the HealthConnector welcome page will give you access to LifeWorks. My Services also provides you a summary of all the health and wellness resources available to you through HealthConnector.

We have also added a What's new? message board to the right side of the home page that will highlight updates, changes and general information about your Equitable Life web site and benefits. For example, currently, under the Doing more online message board link are simple-to-use instructions on how to sign up for eServices that will help you get your claim information and payment faster.

We have made these changes to make it easier for you to access health and wellness resources or information (through HealthConnector) or benefit/plan information (through the Innovations® web services site).

Looking for a doctor? Look no further than

Whether you live in a big city or a rural community, finding a family physician or specialist can be a challenge to any Canadian. Whether you have moved to a new home in a new area or just need to see what doctors are accepting new patients in your area, the Equitable HealthConnector Physician Search tool can help.

This interactive search tool allows you to look for a doctor by their area of practice (family doctor/specialist by category) gender and location. This tool also allows you to search for a doctor by city/town name or using your postal code. If you search by postal code, you can also enter a maximum proximity to limit your search to.

Simply log onto, click on the HealthConnector button,select the Health Services Directory link from the top of the HealthConnector navigation bar, and select Physicians link to access this amazing tool.

Once you have submitted your search, you will have access to a profile of all the doctors who met your search parameters. Each profile includes contact information, the doctor's preferred language of service, their area of practice and a location map.