Final Protection simple issue non-participating1 whole life insurance policies provide up to $50,000 of permanent protection for people age 40 to 80. No medical exam is required. Underwriting is based on just a few simple health questions. Tax-free death benefit can be used to pay outstanding debts, medical bills and final expenses or to leave a small inheritance to your loved ones or favourite charity.

Simple protection for life…simple process for you

No medical exam is required.2 Simply answer a few health questions.  No need to go through the more intensive medical underwriting required for many other life insurance products.  Our easy electronic application means you'll receive your policy quickly.

The guarantees you want

Final Protection offers the guarantees that bring peace of mind:

  • Guaranteed lifetime protection that can never be cancelled without your consent as long as the premiums are paid.
  • Guaranteed level premiums give you the security of knowing that the premiums for your plan are guaranteed for life and will never increase.
  • Guaranteed Cash Value that can be accessed if you need it.

Reduced Paid-Up insurance

If at some point you wish to stop paying your premiums, the Reduced Paid-Up insurance feature allows you to maintain some of your insurance coverage without having to continue to pay premiums.

Built-in features

Final Protection automatically provides you with additional benefits such as Accidental Death Benefit Rider which pays an additional death benefit equal to the original amount of insurance in the event of accidental death.3

Peace of mind can be this simple.


1 Final Protection is not eligible to receive dividends.  2 Results of the MIB (formerly known as Medical Information Bureau) check may require additional medical information.  3 Death must occur within 90 days of the accident.