Flexible life insurance with an investment component


WHY Universal Life Insurance?
Universal Life insurance is a permanent, guaranteed life insurance solution that adapts to your needs. It’s a life insurance policy with an investment portion and tax savings built in.
Universal Life insurance has a death benefit. It also has a cash value that allows for tax-advantaged growth within the policy.

  • Investment Choices
  • Flexible Premium
  • Tax Savings
  • Life insurance             


WHO is Universal Life insurance for?
Universal Life insurance is for those who want choice, who have a lifelong insurance need, who want to build asset value and reduce taxes.

Universal Life insurance policies have a tax-advantaged account value. They also have investment options that allow you to decide how your money is invested.  

Universal Life insurance policies offer a tax-free payout to the named policy beneficiary. 

How does Universal Life insurance work?

Choose your premium and insurance amount
Your advisor will provide options for you to consider based on your goals.
At a minimum, the account value must be enough to pay the monthly cost of the insurance protection.

Choose how to invest
Various investment options are offered to meet your goals.

Grow the account value with tax efficiency
The account value grows in your policy on a tax-advantaged basis.

Access money
Withdraw part of the money in the account or take a premium ‘holiday’; as long as the monthly cost of insurance is covered. Take a policy loan.2

Plan ahead
Plan how the Universal Life insurance death benefit will be paid if the life insured dies.


Equation Generation IV Universal Life insurance offers a broad range of features in a single policy

• Diverse investment options: Daily Interest Account, Guaranteed Deposit Accounts3 and Linked Interest Options.4
• A Bonus5 feature that can boost your account value.
• Clear reporting of your account performance.
• Optional term and critical illness insurance coverage add-ons.
• Plus, other options depending on your exact needs.


For more information, refer to our Universal Life Insurance Client Guide.
Contact your advisor today. See how Universal Life insurance can work for you. 


1  An Exempt Test is processed annually to determine the maximum premium that you can pay into your policy 
2 Taxes may apply on cash withdrawals or a policy loan.
3Equitable Life will determine the interest rate credited to the Daily Interest Account and Guaranteed Deposit Accounts from time to time. The interest rate will never be negative. 4 Ask your advisor for a copy of Universal Life Savings and Investment Opportunities (1193) for a full description of available funds. Interest earned on the Linked Interest Options may be positive or negative.
5 Bonus is not guaranteed. It will be paid if the policy account value meets a certain minimum level.
® denotes a trademark of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.

All information in this material is provided for marketing purposes. Refer to the Universal Life insurance sample contract for complete product details. In the the Equation Generation IV policy contract will govern.