Children and grandchildren have just about everything they need today. Give them a head start for tomorrow, with Equimax®.


For many, the subject is taboo. But there are many reasons for buying life insurance on a child…and some of them may surprise you. Life insurance for children:

  1. Protects a family’s financial security by making funds available so parents can take a leave from work to help the family deal with the loss.
  2. Provides permanent insurance at children’s rates. The policy can be paid up in as early as 20 years.1
  3. Creates a stable investment option with tax-advantaged growth and cash value that can be accessed2 to help fund education. Whatever your reason, Equimax participating permanent whole life insurance is a simple and affordable option.



In a market where guarantees are increasingly rare, Equimax provides traditional whole life insurance benefits including:

  • Guaranteed premiums, cash values and death benefit,
  • Choice of two plan types to meet your short or long-term goals,
  • Choice of life pay or 20 pay (premiums payable for 20 years),
  • The ability to maximize the tax-advantaged growth within the plan by making additional deposits,3
  • Eligible to participate in the earnings of the participating account through dividend 4


Equimax provides a stable, hands-off investment option that offers tax-advantaged growth and two plan types to meet different goals:

  • Equimax Wealth Accumulator®: For those looking for higher early cash values within the first 20 years.
  • Equimax Estate Builder®: For those looking for higher long-term value. 



There are a variety of optional riders1 and plan features available to help tailor your child’s plan to ensure it continues to meet their needs. These include:

  • Applicant’s death and disability waiver5 ensures that premiums continue to be paid should the person paying for the policy becomes totally disabled or dies. 
  • Flexible guaranteed insurability option guarantees their right to purchase up to $500,000 of additional insurance6 in the future without evidence of insurability.
  • Critical illness insurance7 can be added to provide funds to help manage personal and medical expenses so you can focus on your child’s recovery.
  • Excelerator deposit option allows extra deposits3 above the required guaranteed premium to help maximize the long-term, tax-advantaged growth and value in the policy. 
  • In adulthood, term insurance can be added to cover temporary insurance Preferred underwriting rewards them for their good health and lifestyle.



Equitable Life® is one of Canada’s largest mutual life insurance companies. We’re owned by our participating policyholders, not shareholders. So we can focus on your interests and providing you with personalized service, security and wellbeing.


  • Insuring them when they’re young and healthy is easy and affordable.
  • Lock in lower rates Lifestyle, hobbies and career choices later in life may make them uninsurable or subject to higher, rated premiums.
  • A 20 pay plan provides them with paid-up1 insurance at a time when their needs are high, but their discretionary income may not be.
  • They can use2 the cash value in the policy to help fund education, or anything else they may need. They’ll have permanent insurance protection that can provide for their own family’s financial wellbeing and the tax-efficient transfer of assets to their heirs.
  • Insuring a child can protect the financial security of the whole family since the loss of a child can trigger the loss of income for one or both parents as they cope with the physical and emotional stress

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1 When a 20 pay option is selected, the base plan is paid up in 20 years. Premiums for optional riders and benefits may extend beyond 20 years.

2 The cash value is accessible via a withdrawal, policy loan or both and may be subject to taxation.

3 Limits are set on the amount of deposits you can make to ensure the policy remains tax-exempt under the Income Tax Act (Canada).

4  Dividends are not guaranteed and are paid at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. Dividends may be subject to taxation. Dividends will vary based on the actual investment returns   in the participating account as well as mortality, expenses, lapse, claims experience, taxes and other experience of the participating block of policies. They have the potential to increase the value of your policy above the guaranteed amount, depending on the dividend option selected.

5 Some restrictions apply. See contract for details.

6 Ages selected at issue.

7 Provides a lump-sum benefit, following the diagnosis of one of the covered conditions, and a survival period of usually 30 days. See contract for full details.