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Fund Facts Glossary




Fund Facts
Effective June 7, 2021 (Financial information and performance as of December 31, 2020)


Money Market

Money Market Fund


Fixed Income

Active Canadian Bond Fund

Equitable Life Invesco Global Bond Fund



Asset Allocation Fund

Equitable Life Dynamic Value Balanced Fund

Equitable Life Mackenzie Canadian Growth Balanced Fund

Equitable Life Mackenzie Global Strategic Income Fund 

Equitable Life Invesco Global Balanced Fund


Domestic Equities

Equitable Life Bissett Canadian Equity Fund

Equitable Life Bissett Dividend Income Fund

Equitable Life Low Volatility Canadian Equity Fund

Canadian Stock Fund

Equitable Life Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Fund

Equitable Life Fidelity® Special Situations Fund Select


Foreign Equities

American Growth Fund

Equitable Life Dynamic Asia Pacific Equity Fund

Equitable Life Dynamic Power Global Growth Fund

Equitable Life Templeton Growth Fund

Equitable Life Invesco Europlus Fund

Equitable Life Invesco International Companies Fund


Portfolio Funds

Equitable Life Active Balanced Portfolio

Equitable Life Quotential Balanced Income Portfolio

Equitable Life Quotential Balanced Growth Portfolio

Equitable Life Quotential Diversified Income Portfolio

Equitable Life Quotential Diversified Equity Portfolio

Equitable Life Quotential Growth Portfolio



The Fund Facts information is accurate and complies with the requirements of applicable guidelines relating to individual variable insurance contracts as of the date it was prepared. If there is an error in the Fund Facts information outlined above, Equitable Life will use reasonable measures to correct the error but you will not be entitled to specific performance under the Policy. Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract holder and may increase or decrease in value.

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