Losing your group health coverage?

Coverage2go™ from Equitable Life of Canada can fill in a gap in your personal insurance needs when you have lost group benefits health protection through your employer.

Whether you are retiring early or as planned, are leaving your current employment (regardless of the cause) or are moving on to do something new where there will be no group benefits; Coverage2go:

  • Can provide you with affordable and reliable health coverage, including drug coverage for most prescription medications, with two levels of protection to select from, allowing you to select the right personal health protection for your needs;
  • Allows you to select health coverage only, or health and dental coverage depending on your needs and preferences, provided you had health and/or dental coverage under your previous group benefits plan;
  • Comes with a no-cost, online suite of health and wellness resources that can help you and your family start to lead healthier, more balanced lives;
  • Is always accessible online for benefit and claims information;
  • Is yours to keep until you have group benefits coverage again or when Coverage2go is no longer required as an essential part of protecting yourself, your family and your financial future; and
  • Features an online quote calculator to confirm just how affordable personal health and dental coverage can be through Equitable Life.

Obtaining and qualifying for Coverage2go may be as simple as:

  • Having been insured for health benefits as a plan member or dependent under a verifiable, recognized group benefits plan within the 60 days prior to completing and submitting a Coverage2go application to Equitable Life;
  • Applying within 60 days of losing your Health coverage with no requirement to answer any medical questions;
  • Being under age 75 at the time of application for Coverage2go; and
  • Having provincial health coverage* (having a provincial government health card issued in your name).

Late in applying? 

No need to worry. If you apply between 61 and 90 days after your group benefits plan coverage ends, you will be required to complete the Coverage2go Extended Eligibility Questionnaire to determine your eligibility. 

Coverage for your dependents may be as straightforward as:

Applying for a spouse (wife/husband/common-law partner/civil union) or dependent children who have provincial health coverage (have a provincial government health card issued in their name) and were covered under a previous plan and answering a few questions on the Coverage2go application for coverage.

Reliable coverage and simple administration and payments:

  • Coverage2go premiums will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account through a pre-authorized debit payment;
  • Equitable Life accepts a cheque or money order as your first payment with your application and then arranges for the pre-authorized debit payments; and
  • If you ever experience a lifestyle change such as welcoming a new child into your family or a change in your marital status, a simple, timely request is all that is needed to adjust your Coverage2go plan to your new situation.

Affordable coverage:

  • Coverage2go is designed to provide you with financial security at affordable rates;
  • Rates will remain in place for one year from your first day of coverage unless you request a change in your plan; and
  • Each year, prior to the policy anniversary date of your coverage (or at the time of a change in coverage you have requested), a one page summary of your coverage and your monthly premiums will be posted online for your review.

Get an online Coverage2go quote.

Actual rates will be determined when an application is received and processed at the Equitable Life Head Office. Terms, rates, exclusions and conditions are subject to change. Coverage information provided in this document and the Coverage2go Calculator are for descriptive purposes only. Certain definitions and exclusions apply which are set out in the policy contract at time of issue.

If you have any questions about the information above or would like any additional information about Coverage2go, please do not hesitate to email Equitable Life at coverage2go@equitable.ca or call the Coverage2go team at 1.866.963.C2go (2246).

* Quebec residents are not eligible for Coverage2go.