Life is enough of a puzzle - take the guesswork out of retirement income planning. An Equitable Life Payout Annuity provides you with a guaranteed income in one easy, worry-free solution.

It's simple - no matter what happens to the markets or interest rates, you do not have to worry about making investment decisions or risk outliving your savings.

With an Equitable Life payout annuity you can be assured that our rates are among the best in the industry. We offer a wide range of payout annuity income options to customize the retirement income solution to best suit your financial goals and dreams. Income you can count on.

Notable features

  • Can accommodate registered, non-registered, pension and locked-in monies
  • Indexed annuities
  • Prescribed and non-prescribed tax treatment for non-registered annuities
  • Guarantee periods available


Payout annuity options

  • Life annuity
  • Annuity certain (non-registered only)
  • Annuity certain to age 90
  • Joint and survivor
  • Joint and survivor (with reducing payments)