Need personal health and dental coverage? 

Things change, and if you have lost the health protection you had under a group benefits plan, Equitable understands and may have the solution to your personal health and dental coverage needs.

If you recently experienced a change in your employment or are about to leave your current job, you don't have to go without health and dental coverage that can help protect you and those who matter to you.

Coverage2go™ from Equitable allows you to purchase health and dental coverage that is affordable, reliable and works like the group benefits plan you currently have or recently had. You can choose the level of coverage and protection that suits your personal situation.

There are no medical questions*, all you need to do is apply within 60 days of losing your health coverage under your group benefits.** To apply for dental coverage, you will need to have had a dental benefit under your previous plan.

If you apply between 61 and 90 days after your group benefits plan coverage ends, you will be required to complete the Coverage2go Extended Eligibility Questionnaire to determine your eligibility. 

All Coverage2go plans come with access to, Equitable Life's secure web site that allows you to explore health and wellness resources that can help you start to live a healthier, more balanced life.

Whatever the reason is that you need or will need health and dental insurance, Coverage2go can provide a flexible and unique solution if you are currently covered under a group benefits plan or have been within the last 60 days.

Finding out how much Coverage2go can offer and how little it might cost you is as simple as selecting More about Coverage2go and/or Get a quote.

Not sure if you need coverage?

We've created a guide specifically for people who are losing health coverage previously provided by a group benefits plan. We've provided answers - in plain language - to the most common questions:

  • What's covered by my provincial health plan?
  • How much do health services cost?
  • What will my out-of-pocket costs be?
  • Do I need personal health coverage?
  • How much do health benefits cost?
  • What options are available for health benefits

Learn more about how personal health coverage from Coverage2go can protect you and your family by downloading Your Guide to Personal Health Coverage.

*Applies to application for coverage only. A prescription from a physician may be required to confirm eligibility for some claims. 

**Quebec residents are not eligible for Coverage2go

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