Benefits of dealing with a mutual company


  • Participating whole life policyholders have the opportunity to share in the earnings in the participating account. Their share in the earnings in the account is annually credited to their policy as a dividend;

  • Participating policyholders elect our Board of Directors and have a right to vote on various other company issues. We operate in their interests and we answer only to them;
  • As a mutual company, we are not driven by shareholder pressures for quarterly results. This allows us to focus on management strategies that foster prudent long-term growth, continuity and stability. We are dedicated to meeting our commitments to customers – now and in the future;
  • We believe our mutual status allows us to provide better levels of service than a publicly traded company. Since 2015, financial advisors have consistently ranked Equitable Life among the top 25% of companies surveyed, for its service in such areas as overall service performance; overall new business service performance; overall inforce administration service performance; and being a company they are likely to recommend to other advisors.*

    *LifeOps Consulting Group Distribution Service Satisfaction Surveys 2015-18 (non-exclusive advisors).