Participating Whole Life Insurance

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Participating whole life insurance gives you lifetime protection with earnings. With guaranteed premiums, cash values and death benefits that suit your needs, participating whole life through Equitable helps you provide for your loved ones, grow your wealth, and protect what matters most.


Protect a child's future

Mia is just a baby, but her parents buy her an Equimax Participating Whole Life policy. The policy gives her a head-start on her financial future.

At first, life insurance for children may seem like a touchy subject. By purchasing a life insurance policy on your child or grandchild, you get the chance to build cash value which they can access in the future if they need it. The money can help with things like education expenses, down-payments, and more. When they reach the age of majority, the policy ownership can be transferred to them tax-free, giving them a head-start on their own financial planning.

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Equimax Plans

Equimax participating whole life insurance can be a great solution to help you:

  • Create an estate plan for your loved ones or your favourite charity
  • Protect the wealth you gained over your lifetime and want your loved ones to have
  • Cover expenses like taxes or debts you may have when you die
  • Grow your wealth and access it anytime for unexpected expenses or additional retirement income
  • Put protection in place for a child or grandchild and help build wealth they can access in the future if they need it


Choose a plan that works for you!

Equimax Estate Builder®

  • Higher long-term value
  • A great choice for an estate transfer
  • Premiums payable for life, 20 years, or 10 years

Equimax Wealth Accumulator®

  • Higher early cash values
  • A great choice for business protection
  • Premiums payable for life or 20 years




Compare Equimax plans

You can customize your plan with added benefits that can help protect your total life and health needs in one simple policy.

EquiLiving Critical Illness – Get a lump sum benefit to help manage personal and medical expenses during recovery.

Flexible Guaranteed Insurability Option (for child plans) – Allow an insured child to purchase additional insurance in the future without evidence of insurability.



2 See how choosing Equimax Participating Whole Life helped Raj plan for his family’s future.

Participating whole life through Equitable is eligible for dividends. Dividends you get may be taxed and are not guaranteed. They could change and be different based on how well investments perform, how many claims are made, and other factors. Dividends are paid at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors. However, we work hard to have you share in our success. Just like we have every year, since 1936 when we started selling participating whole life.





Life Policy Collateral Loans

Borrow money from a bank or other lending company using the value of your life insurance policy. This can have tax benefits.*

* Availability of a loan from the third-party lending institution is not guaranteed by Equitable and is not part of the life insurance contract


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