Your employees aren’t all the same, so why offer them all the same options for benefits?

Stand out from the crowd by offering an innovative, flexible and budget-conscious plan that is specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses.

myFlex Benefits® is a cafeteria-style flex benefits option that is ideal for employers who are interested in offering competitive benefits on a budget.

It’s simple: plan sponsors define their contribution and choose from a selection of benefit options. Plan members then personalize their plan by choosing from options offered by their employer. Plus, they can purchase additional coverage with payroll deductions.

myFlex is fully pooled, features a two-year renewal and a user-friendly portal for plan members to make their benefit selections.

  • Pooled pricing spreads the risk across the entire block of myFlex clients.
  • Attract new talent and retain employees, growing your business.
  • Choose coverage levels based on your budget.
  • Employees choose from various options to meet their own diverse needs.
  • A built-in Health Care Spending Account allows employees to spend their health care dollars as they’d like.
  • Employees have the opportunity to purchase additional benefits with payroll deductions.
  • Our online benefit selection tool makes it easy and convenient for employees to choose their benefit options.
  • A secure web account and mobile-friendly tools provide access to fast claims submission and valuable health and wellness resources.
  • Easily share costs with your employees and have your contributions front and centre during the online selection process.

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