Critical Illness - more options and flexibility

We’ve made some enhancements to our Critical Illness Insurance plans that give clients more options and flexibility.

We have partnered with Cloud DX to provide remote monitoring for all our Equiliving® Critical Illness Insurance clients who have an approved claim.*

  • View our press release announcing Cloud DX and Equitable Life’s partnership.
  • Learn more about Cloud DX and this unique offering.

*Cloud DX is a non-contractual benefit and may be withdrawn or changed by Equitable Life at any time. Equitable Life pays for 6 months of Cloud DX subscription fees.  If the claimant wishes to continue the Cloud DX service after 6 months, they will be responsible for the cost. 

Why Critical Illness Insurance?

No amount of money is worth suffering through a critical illness; however, having some additional money on hand can help. Talk to your advisor today about how you can update your insurance plan to help protect your family’s finances against serious illnesses with critical illness insurance.

Why choose EquiLiving from Equitable Life

EquiLiving provides a lump-sum benefit, following diagnosis and satisfaction of all requirements for one of the 26 critical conditions covered by the plan. Also available for children, covering an additional 5 childhood conditions. You can use the benefit payment any way you wish, to help ease financial concerns should you or a family member suffer from a life-altering critical illness.  

Why it makes sense

With increased life expectancy and medical advancements, the risk of living with a serious illness is significant, and the costs can be staggering. Government health care programs provide only the basics. Depending on your needs, EquiLiving can help with:

  • keeping you and your family in your home,
  • keeping your business viable,
  • covering the cost of extended health care requirements,
  • allowing you to undertake out-of-country or alternative therapies.

Bundling protects your total life and health needs

Adding EquiLiving critical illness insurance as a rider to a term, whole life or universal life insurance policy helps protect your total life and health needs in one convenient policy. EquiLiving Critical illness insurance provides funds to help manage personal and medical expenses so you can focus on recovery.