Equitable Life has a broad range of insurance products to meet all your life and health insurance needs.

  • Term life insurance offers affordable protection with a choice of premium payment options to fit your budget.
  • Equimax participating whole life insurance policies that offer guaranteed premiums, cash values and death benefit. The cash value can be accessed to fund education, renovate your home or even supplement your retirement income.
  • Equation Generation IV is a universal life insurance policy that provides cost-effective life insurance protection and tax-advantaged investment opportunities.
  • EquiLiving critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum benefit, following a survival period of typically 30 days after diagnosis of one of the 25 critical conditions covered by the plan. You can use the benefit payment any way they wish, to make living with one of the life-altering conditions more comfortable.  Also available for children, covering an additional 5 childhood conditions. You can use the benefit payment to ease the financial burden should you or a family member suffer from a life-altering critical illness.
  • Final Protection Simple Issue non-participating whole life insurance policies provide up to $50,000 of permanent protection for people age 40 to 80. No medical exam is required. Underwriting is based on just a few simple health questions. And premiums are guaranteed.  Beneficiaries can use the tax-free death benefit to pay outstanding debts, medical bills and final expenses.
  • Living Protection Simple issue critical illness insurance offers coverage for the four most common illnesses facing Canadians today: heart attack, stroke, cancer, and coronary bypass surgery. Eligibility is based on just a few simple health questions. No medical exam is required. It provides a lump sum benefit of up to $50,000. And premiums are guaranteed. Living Protection can help cover additional expenses incurred because of the illness and pay monthly bills so you can take the time you need to get well.