What is a segregated fund?

A segregated fund is similar to a mutual fund but carries the benefit of insurance coverage which provides investors some downside protection.

What is tactical asset allocation?

Tactical asset allocation involves dynamically adjusting asset class exposures, which includes equities and bonds, based on macro-economic views.

You have many segregated funds, which ones do you manage?

While Equitable Life sells the funds of different Canadian investment companies, Equitable Asset Management Group (EAMG) is responsible for managing the Active Balanced Portfolios. We have no investment association with any other segregated fund aside from the Money Market fund and the Active Balanced portfolios.

Do you manage any non-segregated funds?

Yes, outside of the segregated fund line-up, EAMG manages Equimax, Equitable Life’s whole life participating fund.

How can I purchase your funds?

If you are a financial advisor, you can request contact information for your local sales manager. If you are a retail investor, contact your local insurance/financial advisor for more information.