We are excited to announce updates to Equitable Life’s participating whole life insurance solution, Equimax®. Our two Equimax plans, Equimax Estate Builder® and Equimax Wealth Accumulator® now offer lower premiums, more flexibility and excellent value to create a policy that works for you.

Learn more about Equimax and how it can help meet your unique insurance protection and wealth accumulation needs.


Equimax provides participating* whole life insurance that offers permanent protection with guaranteed premiums, cash values and death benefit. The cash value can be accessed to help fund education, renovate your home or even supplement your retirement income. Use it in any way you choose.


Why it makes sense

Equimax can help you:

  • Provide for your loved ones The death benefit can be used to replace your income and maintain your family's lifestyle.
  • Create an inheritance The tax-free death benefit creates an instant legacy for your loved ones or a favourite charity.
  • Preserve an inheritance Your beneficiaries can use the proceeds to cover final expenses, taxes and fees payable at death, keeping their inheritance intact.
  • Build wealth you can access Use the cash value to supplement your retirement income, help pay for your children's education or financial needs, or even pay future premiums on your policy.
  • Protect your children 10 pay or 20 pay premium options are offered that can provide your child or grandchild with paid-up, permanent insurance protection at low children's rates, plus access to cash values to help fund education.


Choice of plans to meet your needs

In a low interest rate environment where guarantees are scarce, Equimax provides a stable, hands-off investment option that offers tax-advantaged growth. With two plan types to choose from, you can select the plan and features that best meet your insurance and savings goals.

Equimax Estate Builder® Equimax Wealth Accumulator®
For those looking for higher long-term value.  Ideal for estate planning and covering taxes and fees at death so your estate passes intact to your heirs. For those looking for higher early cash values within the first 20 years.  Ideal for building wealth you can access during your lifetime.

Customizing a plan just for you

With Equimax participating whole life insurance, you can choose between a life pay or 20 Pay option (premiums payable for 20 years) on both Equimax Estate Builder and Equimax Wealth Accumulator.  A 10 Pay option (premiums payable for 10 years) is also available with Equimax Estate Builder.  You can also customize your plan with optional benefits to meet your unique needs.

Bundling protects your total life and health needs

Bundling Equimax life insurance and EquiLiving critical illness insurance helps protect your total life and health needs in one convenient policy. Critical illness insurance provides funds to help manage personal and medical expenses so you can focus on recovery.

Leave a legacy. Increase wealth. Save tax.

Tax-efficient alternatives for estate transfer and retirement income. The preferred choice!

Life policy collateral loans

Equimax participating whole life policyholders can use the cash surrender value of their life insurance policy as collateral for a tax-free bank loan.

Giving your children a head start for tomorrow

Purchase an Equimax 20 Pay policy on your children or grandchildren today, and they will benefit from a paid-up base plan that provides insurance protection at a time when their needs are high but their discretionary income may not be.

Adding the Flexible Guaranteed Insurability Option rider guarantees their right to purchase, without evidence, up to $500,000 of additional insurance in the future, when major life events increase their need for insurance protection.


Need more information?  For more information, please contact your local wholesaler.


* Dividends are not guaranteed and may be subject to taxation. Dividends will vary based on the actual investment returns in the Participating Account as well as mortality, expenses, lapse, claims experience, taxes and other experience of the participating block.

™ and ® denote trademarks of The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada.