March 11, 2024 -

Equitable recently joined the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) – a global association for cooperative and mutual insurance companies. 

“ICMIF offers members a worldwide network of insurance companies that share similar purpose-driven values and mindsets,” said Donna Carbell, Executive Vice President, Individual Insurance and Brand Impact.  “As mutual and cooperative companies, we’re focused on putting the client first. By joining ICMIF, we have the opportunity to connect with fellow members to discuss best practices, share knowledge and work together for the greater good of our organizations and our clients.”

ICMIF CEO Shaun Tarbuck said, "We are delighted to welcome Equitable to our growing, global network. ICMIF provides its members with a global perspective, allowing them to draw insights from different countries and cultures. This international outlook fosters new ways of thinking and helps these organisations stand out whilst staying true to their original purpose. As a membership organization, ICMIF leverages its network of 200+ insurers, in 60 countries, to address the risks facing our part of the sector. This could include anything from mutuality; business transformation; attracting and retaining talent; and of course, helping to determine an organization’s approach to sustainability impact.”

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