November 25, 2010 -

Effective January 10, 2011, Equitable Life® is adding six new and unique balanced funds to enhance its segregated fund line-up.

"With increasingly volatile markets becoming more common, and many investors feeling the need to hold a slightly more conservative portfolio, Equitable Life's six new balanced funds will enhance our segregated fund offering and cater to evolving investor sentiment," said Blake Hill, Assistant Vice-President of Savings and Retirement at Equitable Life.

The six new funds include:

  • Equitable Life Active Balanced ETF Portfolio
  • Equitable Life Acuity Diversified Income Fund
  • Equitable Life Dynamic Value Balanced Fund
  • Equitable Life Mackenzie Founder Income and Growth Fund
  • Equitable Life Mackenzie Saxon Balanced Fund
  • Equitable Life Trimark Income Growth Fund

Effective January 10, 2011, these funds will be available within both the new Pivotal Solutions and Pivotal Solutions DSC Contract and within existing Pivotal Solutions and Pivotal Solutions DSC Contracts issued prior to January 1, 2011. The funds will also be available within the Personal Investment Portfolio (PIP).