August 29, 2011 -

Equitable Life of Canada® just made plan administration a lot easier for their Group Benefit Plan Administrators with Single Screen Enrolment (SSE). SSE is a simple, yet effective change to the online administration of Equitable Life Group Benefit plans that will ensure a faster and more straightforward Plan Member enrolment.

"We introduced this enhancement in direct response to feedback from our clients," said Karen Mason, Senior Vice President, Group - Equitable Life of Canada. "Quick and simple Plan Member enrolment is key to being able to administer group plans based on complete and up-to-date employee information provided and verified by our Plan Administrators."

Accessible through Equitable Life's secure Innovations® Plan Administrator Web Services at®, SSE captures all required Plan Member enrolment information in a single location..

"Our clients told us they wanted a simpler and more efficient enrolment process," says Aileen Finnegan, Director - Group Administration, Equitable Life of Canada. "We listened to what they said and developed SSE to meet those needs."

SSE is pre-customized to specific plan designs and only asks for the benefit information, options and individual Plan Member selections required to administer each client's unique Equitable Life Group Benefits plan. SSE will also prevent incomplete or missing information by identifying to the Plan Administrator any information not entered, or improperly entered.

SSE also creates efficiency by allowing Plan Administrators (through written permission from the Plan Member) to easily sign their employees up for value-added features such as direct deposit of claims payments and electronic explanation of benefits.

"Feedback  from our clients indicates they want their employees to take advantage of the Plan Member services we offer," explains Finnegan. "These services and the timely issuance of Group Benefit Wallet Cards provide real value to our Plan Members and make accessing and understanding their benefits a lot easier. SSE allows for all of these services to be implemented as soon as the Plan Administrator adds a recent hire."

"SSE is just the latest example of how listening to our clients can make efficient processes even simpler and more effective," adds Mason. "It is also proof that we take Plan Administrator satisfaction and the Plan Member experience seriously."

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