Pivotal Select Protection Class offers the conservative investor a better solution. When it comes to investing, growth potential and risk often go together. As a result, many conservative investors will choose GICs or other low-risk investments that limit their growth potential, in exchange for the peace of mind of knowing that their savings will be safe. Unfortunately, low-interest investment options pose their own risks. Not only do they minimize your growth potential, you may end up with a negative real rate of return if your investments are not keeping up with inflation.

With a wide range of segregated funds, you can invest across various asset classes and sectors, providing your investment with ample growth opportunity to reach your savings goals. While invested, you can take comfort in knowing that your principal investment is protected regardless of market performance1.

100% principal protection on maturity

When you set up your policy the deposit maturity date will be set to 15 years after your initial deposit. On the deposit maturity date, you are guaranteed to receive the greater of your market value, or 100% of your principal investment1. With Pivotal Select Protection Class you can invest with confidence, knowing that your principal investment is safe.

100% principal protection on death

The death benefit guarantee provides an additional layer of protection to your contract. Upon death, your beneficiary is guaranteed to receive 100% of your principal investment. If the market value of your policy exceeds the guarantee, your beneficiary will receive the full market value.

Resets to lock in growth

Pivotal Select Protection Class gives you the opportunity to reset your maturity and death benefit guarantees once every year up to your 80th birthday2. A reset increases your guarantees to the current market value of your policy, allowing you to guarantee not only your principal investment, but your market gains as well.

Ability to bypass probate and estate fees

Upon death, probate can be a time consuming and expensive legal process. With Pivotal Select Protection Class, the proceeds of your policy are paid directly to the named beneficiary, bypassing probate, and the associated estate fees. This reduces the stress on your loved ones, resulting in a very effective estate planning solution.

Built in creditor protection

In the event of bankruptcy or lawsuit, your investments within the Pivotal Select Protection Class may be protected from your creditors, provided you have named one of the specified family class beneficiaries. This feature is especially important for self-employed professionals and small business owners, who should protect their personal holdings from professional liability.

The Equitable Life Family of Segregated funds

Pivotal Select Protection Class is an enhanced segregated fund offering for investors who want the opportunity for growth, but with the added guarantee that their principal investment is fully protected1. Investors can choose from a diverse selection of investment funds from a variety of fund managers. Whether your style is value or growth, you are seeking fixed income or equity, or you’re looking to invest within Canada or abroad, our investment solutions can be tailored to meet your specific objectives.


 Any amount that is allocated to a segregated fund is invested at the risk of the contract holder and may increase or decrease in value.

Refer to the Contract and Information Folder for a complete description of the product features and guarantees.

1A 100% maturity guarantee applies to deposits made prior to the first policy anniversary. A 75% maturity guarantee applies to deposits made on or after the first policy anniversary. Any withdrawals will proportionately reduce the maturity guarantee.

2A reset of the maturity benefit guarantee will set a new deposit maturity date 15 years after the reset date.