Planning your parental leave

Suggestions for planning your leave to care for a new baby or adopted child, including working with your manager and staying in touch with work.

Building your child’s self-esteem

Self-esteem, or the ability to feel good about ourselves, is essential if we are to be happy and successful. Children need to have a sense of their own worth to be able to respond well to life’s many challenges. Experiences throughout childhood shape self-esteem. Parents, friends, relatives, teachers, peers, caregivers, other adults, and the media all have an influence on a child’s self- esteem.

Letting go but staying involved in your young adolescent’s life

As the parent of a young adolescent, you know the importance of continuing to guide and protect your child. At the same time, you need to let your child take bigger strides toward independence. It can feel like a constant push and pull with children this age – knowing when to step back and when to be involved. The following information can help you navigate this time as your child matures and becomes more independent.

Preparing children to handle emergencies alone

Children only become knowledgeable about handling crises and problems by being given a chance to practice when there is no crisis. The more you prepare your child for the many what ifs that can come up, the more confident your child will be about knowing what to do should one occur.

Where do you keep your critical files?

Day to day, we usually don’t have to access our critical files. But when we do need them, it’s important to have current, accurate information available. With that in mind, the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) has introduced the Virtual Shoebox, an interactive tool created to help people track important personal, family and financial documents.

Build a positive relationship

Strategies for making your bond as a couple closer and stronger. You've both got jobs to do, a household to run, and maybe even children to raise. So the time you spend alone together is limited. How can busy partners build a sound, lasting relationship in such a high-speed world? A loving relationship needs careful attention and constant nurturing. But it's easy to lose sight of that when you're racing through the day, trying to meet so many other demands.

Considerations after the death of a family member

When the death of a family member occurs, it is necessary to gather documentation, to notify the appropriate organizations, to apply for the various benefits, and to finalize the estate. The following checklist can help you with these processes.

Housecleaning Spring Checklist

Spring is a good time for homeowners to take inventory of all their home maintenance and improvement projects. This checklist can help you get a handle on what needs to be done.

Organizing your financial records and emergency forms

Would someone be able to find your important papers during a crisis, if you became ill, injured, or incapacitated? It's a good idea to make sure a trusted family member or friend knows where to find your personal documents. It's an even better idea if a trusted family member or friend is familiar with your financial assets and obligations. Organizing this information in advance can save time and frustration (and possibly a lot of money) later.

Water safety

Despite safety and educational campaigns, drowning remains the third leading cause of accidental death among Canadians under 60 years of age. Boating activities represent more than 30 percent of all drowning deaths. In fact, more than 60 percent of all drowning deaths in Canada occur during recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, or boating.

Fraud prevention

Every year, millions of people in Canada and around the world fall victim to scam artists. Recently, these criminals have been posing as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They say they’re collecting outstanding tax debts, but their goal is to steal banking information and deplete their victims’ accounts. You’ve worked hard for your money. We don’t want you to lose it so we’re sharing this information from the CRA to help protect you against fraud.

Dealing with your biggest worries as a parent

It's natural to feel concerned about your child when you hear news reports about tragedies that involve kids – from abductions to accidents to abuse. Worrying about all the bad things that could possibly happen won't help, and letting go of some worries may have big benefits for your child.

Planning a family vacation

Planning ahead, making airfare arrangements, packing essentials, safety tips, staying within your budget, travelling by car, having fun as a family

Becoming the father you want to be

A step-by-step approach to becoming a more active and involved father. • The challenges of being a working father • Identifying the obstacles • Getting past the obstacles • Step 1: Recognizing the importance of fatherhood • Step 2: Pushing through "imaginary" obstacles at work • Step 3: Connecting with your children • Step 4: Spending time with your spouse • Step 5: Taking care of yourself

Proud to be Canadian and serve Canadians

As Canada marks its 150th, it’s fitting that we also pause to reflect on the pride we feel in being a Canadian company. We are more than 600 friendly, caring people who are interested in helping protect our fellow Canadians. Every day we’re grateful for the opportunities and freedoms we enjoy in Canada.

Returning to work after your parental leave

Starting childcare and preparing to return, What to expect at work, What to expect at home

Thinking about motherhood: sooner, later, or not at all?

Considerations when making the decision of whether or when to have children: - "Do I want children?" - Deciding what's right for you

Planning your wedding: Part 1

Planning a wedding can be among the most exciting projects of your life. It also presents big challenges. No matter what kind of wedding you decide to have, the planning process will take plenty of organization and lots of decision-making. As you plan each detail of your big day, it helps to try to stay focused on your values and on what's important to you.

Planning your wedding: Part 2

The second part of this series offers tips on wedding planners/consultants and choosing a wedding reception site

Planning your wedding: Part 3

Part three of the planning your wedding series looks at Planning your wedding with your fiancé Involving family members in the wedding planning process Money-saving tips Coping with wedding stress

Working while you're pregnant

"How are you feeling?" By the time your due date rolls around, you'll have heard this question countless times from co-workers and others. At different times in your pregnancy, you're likely to have different answers. Some days, you may forget you are pregnant, but other days, you may feel less comfortable or even totally uncomfortable. In this article, you'll find tips that can help you adjust to the physical and personal changes of working while you're pregnant

Communicating as a couple

Tips for strengthening communication as a couple. Tips on communicating as a couple Talking about difficult subjects Helpful things to say when you're having trouble communicating When your spouse won't open up

Adjusting to high school

High school is the start of many exciting and challenging changes in your teenager's life. In high school, students have more freedom to choose their own courses and schedules. They also face increased academic pressure since grades now "count" toward the future. Your teenager may face added pressure from peers to try alcohol and drugs. It's normal for ninth graders to feel overwhelmed by all these changes. Here are some ways to ease your teenager's adjustment to high school both socially and academically.

Adjusting to college or university

Adjusting to college or university: Tips for students Making the transition Academics Relationships Extracurriculars Money Feelings

You Shared Your Canada – It’s Spectacular

To help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Equitable Life invited people from coast to coast to participate in a photo contest, Share Your Canada. We asked Canadians to send us their favourite images of our glorious country. The subject of the photo was entirely up to you - a landscape, cityscape, family, friends or selfie – whatever images represented your part of the country.

Quick tips for making the most of a parent-teacher conference

Almost every school holds parent-teacher conferences. These aren't really conferences so much as they are conversations you have with a teacher about your child's schoolwork.

Keeping a child's school life organized at home

Permission slips, health forms, phone lists, lunch bags – sometimes keeping a child's school life organized can seem like a job in itself. Here are some simple things you and your child can do now to make mornings, homework, and the school year less stressful for everyone in your family.

Getting organized at work

When your work life is organized, you're able to be more productive. Here are some tips on managing your time and getting and staying organized at work.

Budgeting for the holidays

Tips for setting and sticking with a holiday budget.

Financial planning tips for new parents

Having a baby means making lots of adjustments and changes. But there’s one area of life in which new parents don’t always make the changes they should—their finances. Your financial decisions, goals, and priorities should all be reviewed and adjusted when you have a new baby. This article describes ways to safeguard the financial future of your new family.